Frequently Asked Questions

TypeGenie is a productivity tool that helps customer service agents on Zendesk respond to tickets faster and better by taking away a lot of the repetitive work.

When agents type responses, TypeGenie recommends sentence completions that can simply be completed by pressing ‘Tab’.

TypeGenie increases your team’s productivity, giving agents more time to focus on providing extraordinary service.

According to our customers, TypeGenie helps with speed and quality. Faster typing reduces Average Handling Time. Service quality increases, as service agents stick more to company’s brand in their responses. Our clients report reductions in average handling time up to 30%.

All you need to do is install our Chrome plugin and follow its instructions. It’s very straightforward and can be done in less than 2 minutes. Get started here.

The plugin will prompt you to complete a Zendesk authorisation. After this, our system will set itself up by “learning” how you typically respond to queries. This may take up to 2 days, but you don’t have to do anything. After this completes, you will start seeing sentence suggestions automatically appearing while you are typing responses in Zendesk!

Once you have authorised Zendesk, we take 2 days to set up, but you will not be required to do anything further. Just sit back and wait until TypeGenie starts helping your team using Zendesk.

See our pricing page.

TypeGenie can help you type faster in most languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Dutch and more. If you are interested in a particular language, you can reach out to

TypeGenie is powered by a cutting-edge AI, which tries to mimic the way the human brain works. In order to help you write, the AI reviews your historic conversations and thereby learns what a good answer in a particular situation is. This is the ‘training’ process. The patterns learned from the initial training allow TypeGenie to give powerful recommendations in the future.

In order to provide useful recommendations and finish your sentences, in a way that reflects your company’s specific context, TypeGenie must learn from your support team’s historic conversations. We therefore take data protection and security extremely seriously.

You can read details about our security practices on our security-page.

We are working successfully with companies from a broad range of industries. Most of them are fast growing e-Commerce or tech businesses, but also include Telecoms, Retail, Delivery services, Media, and Government. Chances are you could benefit significantly too.

Currently not. We are focusing on Zendesk Support but TypeGenie will soon be available for Zendesk Chat as well.

Our primary integration is with Zendesk, but we have new integrations on our roadmap, including Intercom and Salesforce. We also have a product API. If you don’t use Zendesk or require a custom integration, let us know. We will be happy to explore the options with you.

We have a product API. Please contact for more details.

TypeGenie is developed by True AI Ltd., a software company based in London, UK. Also, we love productivity and are driven by making conversations between businesses and their customers the best they can possibly be.

Please reach out to us on where we are more than happy to help and answer any question you may have :).

If you are experiencing an issue with the product or if there is anything we can ever help you with, we would like to know as soon as possible. You can use the support widget on this page or email with any questions.

No. TypeGenie does not interact directly with the customer. Rather it’s a productivity tool that helps the agent in their work and frees up their time to make sure the customer gets the best possible experience. Chatbots are built to interact directly with the customer and tries to answer their questions automatically.

TypeGenie is complementary to Chatbots. In fact, we are working with several companies who use both successfully. For instance, a client of ours uses Zendesk Answer Bot to resolve 5-10% of their tickets automatically. The remaining 90-95% of conversations escalate to a human agent who is then supported by TypeGenie, increasing their productivity by 5-25%.